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6 years ago


The Maharaja of Jodhpur is an exclusive documentation of the life of one of India’s most distinguished Royals – His Highness The Maharajah Gaj Singh II of Marwar- Jodhpur.

This is the fascinating story of a boy who had to be king. Track his life from his coronation, at age 4, through Eton and Oxford to his exuberant homecoming, after 14 years. But he came back to problems: the Indian Government had derecognised the erstwhile royals and discontinued their privy purses.

Was the Maharaja able to salvage his inheritance? Especially his home, the fabulous Umaid Bhawan Palace, the largest art-deco palace in the world and the formidable Mehrangarh Fort, a repository of 500 years of his ancestral heritage.

This is the story of his struggle to preserve and protect his monumental legacy and a glorious way of life; of his quest to reinvent his role and relevance in democratic, republican India; of his mission to “serve my people.

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