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Dailymotion Stream

Dailymotion Stream makes it easy to enjoy Dailymotion videos, let you sit back, relax and be entertained. All videos play in full screen at the highest quality, perfect for sharing on a Google TV or any big screen. Try it out at dailymotion.com/stream.

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The Jukebox allows you to broadcast videos according to criteria that you select. They can be your videos, your likes, videos from your groups, whatever! The Jukebox can be added to any website or blog, and can be opened by any browser. It's also possible to upload videos directly to your Groups through the Jukebox !

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Dailymotion badge

Promote your latest video uploads and easily gain new followers by displaying a preview of your Channel on your website or blog. It's really easy! All you have to do is pick a layout and copy and paste the embed code into your HTML!

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