14 years ago

PWF Mid-South: A New Era (Wrestling)

Brass Knuckles Productions
"PWF Mid-South: A New Era" - THE FIRST EVER PWF MID-SOUTH SHOW. PWF expands to the South as the little known Kentucky promotion SCW is bought out by controversial manager Rob Yublind and transformed into PWF Mid-South. Their first ever show features an eight man elimination tournament to crown the heavyweight champion, with the finals held in a steel cage!

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MATCHES: December 1, 2001 - Pineknot, KY
1. Dave "The Science" Pillman vs. Jason Maxx
2. Robbie Race vs. Evan Bates
3. Menace vs. Kidd Krazzy
4. Scotty Blade vs. Shawn Shultz
5. Dave "The Science" Pillman vs. Robbie Race
6. Menace vs. Scotty Blade
7. FANS BRING THE STRAPS: Willie B. Badd vs. Scott Bishop
8. TOURNAMENT FINALS - STEEL CAGE MATCH: Dave "The Science" Pillman vs. Menace

Most matches presented in highlight form with no commentary.

Shot & edited by stuCAM