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PWF Mid-South: Endurance (Wrestling)

Brass Knuckles Productions
"PWF Mid-South: Endurance" - PWF Mid-South returned after a four-month hiatus with "Endurance" which was headlined by a four-way title match that ended up going nearly an hour and featured some truly sick bumps. Menace nearly has his neck broken by Robbie Race when Race gives him the "Dead End" off the ring apron through a table to the floor. The crowd goes dead silent as a limp Menace is carried to the back...only to return to finish the match.

View match results here:

Every single title changed hands in memorable fashion on this show. From the 'shoot' in the Junior Title match, to the use of gasoline in the tag title match, to the sheer length and brutality of the 4-way title match, this was truly a night of pride for PWF Mid-South.

MATCHES: Oliver Springs, TN: July 11, 2002
1. PWF MID-SOUTH JUNIOR TITLE: Jason Extreme vs. Tim Kilgore
2. STREET FIGHT: "Atomic Chronic" Scotty Hanson vs. JP Blunt
3. Thorn vs. Shawn Shultz
4. Thorn vs. Shane Williams
5. PWF MID-SOUTH TAG TITLE "I QUIT" MATCH: Death Row Inmates vs. Phoenix Foundation
6. 4-WAW ELIMINATION MATCH for PWF MID-SOUTH HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Robbie Race vs. Menace vs. Jason Extreme vs. Dave "The Science" Pillman

This show features two camera angles and commentary.

Shot & edited by stuCAM
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