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Popiah: Tasty Seafood and Veggie Salad Wrapped Inside a Springy Thin Wrap

How do you make the world’s thinnest pancake (just 1mm thick!) and stuff it with vegetables, seafood, fritters, nuts, and sauces, and then make sure it doesn’t break? This 84-year-old popiah shop in Singapore shows us exactly how.

Shop address: Kway Guan Huat Joochiat Popiah, 95 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427389

This is the first episode of our latest “Mean Street Gourmet” series about mom-and-pop stores across the Chinese diaspora. In the next episode, we visit a restaurant in Houston that makes wonton noodles inspired by other Asian cuisines.

0:00 From Fujian to Singapore
01:37 Making the world’s thinnest pancakes
03:45 Spicy, crunchy, umami fillings
05:32 From pharmacist to popiah maker

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Producer: Rachel Phua
Videographer: Lau Hon Meng
Editor: Cliff Man
Animation: Stella Yoo
Mastering: Victor Peña

#singapore #popiah #springroll

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