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7 days ago

Asian-American Chef Bases Fusion Wonton Noodles on Refugee Childhood

As a Cambodian refugee with Cantonese roots, Mike Tran can never forget the flavors of his childhood moving from one country to another. So he started a noodle restaurant in Houston, Texas, to recreate his memories. Tran’s wonton noodles are full of herbs, meat, and fish sauce — and customers love it.

Shop address: Mein, 9630 Clarewood Dr Ste A13, Houston, TX 77036, United States

This is the second episode of our latest “Mean Street Gourmet” series about mom-and-pop stores across the Chinese diaspora. In the next episode, we head to Singapore’s Chinatown to visit a couple that makes spicy, creamy laksa.

00:00 Their signature wonton noodles
00:36 Why the name ‘Mein’
01:06 What’s on the menu
01:30 Making the dish
02:21 Memories as a refugee
03:34 Designing the restaurant

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Producer: Dolly Li
Script: Lyn Yang
Videographer: Joy Jihyun Jeong
Editor: Cliff Man
Mastering: Victor Peña

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