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Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet - Big Boson (2019) subtitled

SUBTITLES in english, except for one in german (strange).

Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet bring subparticle prose and poetry in morse.

The Quarks are playful and naughty, the Boson is somewhat more sincere.

Big Boson - (prose) bringing a message of hope to mankind
Quark Up - (poetry) a cynical view, puberal language, streetwise
Quark Down - (prose) another cynical view and a bit more aggressive
Quark Strange - (prose) comedy, parody (in german, strangely)
Quark Charm - (poetry) comedy, and yet another very cynical view
Quark Top - (prose) comedy, pinnacle self-adoration, sensual
Quark Bottom - (poetry) tragedy, preaching the truth, irritating

# START ============================================= BIG BOSON

/ CQ
/ QRV?
+ Mankind claims to be in the era of Enlightenment and all over the world cities are lit during the night with electricity, indeed.
+ Still, modern man who knows a lot already is not exactly being lucid himself.
+ Mankind is still in its infancy, or, at best, in its early adolesence.
+ So when will mankind be fully grown up and considered to be mature ?
+ What will be the sign ?
+ What marks the end of the era of 'homo sapiens' and the beginning of the era of 'homo lucidens' ?
/ AS
/ BK

/ BT
+ What will be the 'segno' ?
+ The answer to these questions is rather straightforward.
+ When Betelgeuse 'alpha-Orionis' explodes and becomes a supernova !
+ The light of this event will travel about 640 years before reaching Earth.
+ Once the light arrives Betelgeuse will be visible in the sky during daylight.
+ During nighttime the supernova will shine as bright as the full moon during 10 weeks.
+ Anyone on Earth will inevitably be seeing this heavenly light.
/ AS
/ BK

/ BT
+ It will be an awesome and inspiring sight.
+ It will leave a lasting impression.
+ As if the pineal gland erects and pushes the button in our brains, collectively, so to speak.
+ We do not know exactly when Betelgeuse - the hand of orion - will explode and become a supernova.
+ The event could already have taken place in which case the light is on its way.
+ Or, it could be somewhere in the next million years. We do not know.
+ (very resemblant to Matthew 24:36).
+ -- +
+ So, yes, there is still hope for mankind.
/ QSL?
/ SK
/ AR