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Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet - Quark Top (2019) subtitled

SUBTITLES in english, except for one in german (strange).

Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet bring subparticle prose and poetry in morse.

The Quarks are playful and naughty, the Boson is somewhat more sincere.

Big Boson - (prose) bringing a message of hope to mankind
Quark Up - (poetry) a cynical view, puberal language, streetwise
Quark Down - (prose) another cynical view and a bit more aggressive
Quark Strange - (prose) comedy, parody (in german, strangely)
Quark Charm - (poetry) comedy, and yet another very cynical view
Quark Top - (prose) comedy, pinnacle self-adoration, sensual
Quark Bottom - (poetry) tragedy, preaching the truth, irritating

# START ============================================= QUARK TOP-BEAUTY

/ KA
/ CQ
/ QRV?
+ PT 1
+ I am the most beautiful of all the quarks.
+ I look in the mirror each day and am still astounded.
+ I begin every sentence I say with 'I' !
+ I regard myself as a very important quark, someone to be held in high esteem.
+ I have a partner called Bottom, he only speaks the truth and that is always somewhat boring.
+ I myself, I don't care much about the truth and marriage is just such a superficial thing, you know.
+ I just want all my desires - especially the dirty ones - being satisfied.
+ I have had many relations to gluons, these energy donors.
/ AS
/ BK

/ BT
+ pt 2
+ I like a one-night stand but reading between the lines feels better, you see.
+ I suck the life out of every gluon I encounter, and my partner condoles it with his eyes closed.
+ I walk away elegantly from these sticky gluons as soon as they get exhausted, and then . . .
+ I throw them away handsomely over my shoulder, these slimey gluons who taste so good.
+ I know that around every corner another horny gluon is eagerly waiting to donate.
+ I do not care much about gluons, but bosons I really love.
+ I know Big Boson has his looks upon me.
+ I just feel he wants to crush me desperately.
/ AS
/ BK

/ BT
+ pt 3
+ I just have to wait for the right occasion and then - gotcha ! - I will suck him completely empty.
+ I do not care much about gluons, but bosons I really love.
+ I have to go now.
+ I just got a call from a fully-charged quark with a nice spin, named Charm, he is looking for a speed date.
+ I am shaking all over already, what a thrill !
+ I like to dance with an energetic quark, to have the tension rise to unbearable heights and so to make him very crazy.
+ I feel alive and vibrant again.
+ I see you later. Bye, bye.
/ QSL?
/ SK
/ AR

# Please note ----------------------
In physics a gluon is a boson as well.
Quark Top says she likes gluons but prefers bosons.
Which is odd.
She means she loves the Big Boson; Boss Higgs.
Proving the point that Quark Top can partake in the Miss Subparticles Contest, indeed.
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