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Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet - Quark Bottom (2019) subtitled

SUBTITLES in english, except for one in german (strange).

Big Boson and his Quark-Sextet bring subparticle prose and poetry in morse.

The Quarks are playful and naughty, the Boson is somewhat more sincere.

Big Boson - (prose) bringing a message of hope to mankind
Quark Up - (poetry) a cynical view, puberal language, streetwise
Quark Down - (prose) another cynical view and a bit more aggressive
Quark Strange - (prose) comedy, parody (in german, strangely)
Quark Charm - (poetry) comedy, and yet another very cynical view
Quark Top - (prose) comedy, pinnacle self-adoration, sensual
Quark Bottom - (poetry) tragedy, preaching the truth, somewhat irritating

# START ============================================= QUARK BOTTOM-TRUTH

/ KA
/ CQ
/ QRV?
+ PT 1
+ ---- +
+ What if elephants and rhinos are extinct?
+ What if nebula panthers and tigers are extinct?
+ What if oerang-oetans and gorillas are extinct.
+ What if whales and whalesharks are extinct?
+ What if the krill populations are declining?
+ What if all icebears are drowned?
+ What if all the bees are gone?
+ What if all olive trees are infected and become useless?
+ What if all the rain forests and coral reefs are destroyed?
+ What if all air, water and soil is being polluted?
+ What if 'homo sapiens' continues to behave like locust?
+ What if there are 20 billion people ?
/ AS
/ BK

/ BT
+ PT 2
+ What if there are 40 billion people ?
+ Will they have 2 trillion chickens, 200 billion pigs and 20 billion cattle?
+ Just to feed all those homo's annually ?
+ So tell me, you specimen of short-sighted 'homo sapiens locustus', how would the world look like? How would it feel?
+ Because, you see, this planet will go on for another 200 million years capable of harbouring and nurturing life.
+ The Earth has seen many species come and go, indeed, very many species. Humanoids included.
+ So, the big question is, will your species still be there, let's say, in about a thousand years?
+ ---- +
+ Have a nice day.
/ QSL?
/ SK
/ AR