4 years ago

Rainbocorns Week at the Toy Hotel

Tic Tac Toy
Tic Tac Toy
Lucy, Addy and Maya are celebrating Rainbocorns Week at the pretend Toy Hotel. Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video. The silly girls just love this fun new toy so much that they want to collect them all but hotel owner Lucy is only giving away 1 per guest. So the kids decide to dress up in disguise to trick the pretend workers into giving them more. Will their clever plan work? You'll have to watch to find out!

These new Rainbocorns are SO COOL! The soft plush toys are made of sparkles, sequins, and surprises! Every Rainbocorn comes in a unique magical egg and has a hidden collectible surprise inside too. And the removable sequin tummy heart reveals each Rainbocorns' special powers! Build your collection with a puppy corn, kitty corn, unicorn, monkey corn, and hamster… all with their own sequin surprise!

Music Credits:
Patti Cup Cakes by Mikey Geiger
Juggernaut by Matt Wigton
Get Down by Jessie Villa
Good Vibes by Album House
The Future is Basic by New Wave Sounds
Lift Up by OBOY
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Wide Eyes by Alter Ego
Pink Flamingo by Travis Loafman
Dance! by Sea Shepherd
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Paraglide by Hale
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When I Want to Be by IDOLS
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