Toy School Escape Room Challenge

  • 5 years ago
The Toy Master is back and this time he is taking over Miss Lucy's Toy School. Addy and Maya are trapped inside the pretend toy school and must solve a bunch of secret clues in order to find their way out. But the silly kids must hurry because for every minute they spend looking for the way out, the Toy Master will take one of their favorite toys. Will the girls unlock the hidden puzzle in time? You'll have to watch to find out!

Music Credits:
Summer Sun by Yung Koolade
Dementor by Dresden, the Flamingo
Drop it on Me Girl by Kick Lee
Kids Who Dance by Fantoms
Swift & Tuttle by Achille Richard
Two Lives by Alice in Winter
Show Off by Bryant Lowry
What I Need by Hawksilver
Burst the Clouds by IDOLS
Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds
Precision by Joel Slabach
Never Stop Dreaming by Neon Beach
Shine by OBOY
Escape by OBOY
Don't Wait by HATCH
Empty Fridge by Fey Foxx
Brand New by Hawksilver
Here We Go Now by Neon Beach
Endless Summer by Mikey Geiger
Novacane by Fantoms
Razor by Matt Wigton
Happy Snappy Love by New Wave Sounds