Pretend Scientist Lucy Goes to Toy School
  • 6 years ago
The silly kids are back at Miss Lucy's Toy School but today is a bit different because Toy Scientist Lucy is teaching the kids all about toy science. Addy, Maya and their friends are quizzed on the newest and best toys of the year and even get to make their own! Pretend Toy School is such a fun and silly time!

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Music Credits:
Coming by OBOY
That Swagga' Tho by Matt Wigton
Inspire by Bryant Lowry
Burst the Clouds by IDOLS
Get Up/Move On by Andrew Picha
Fidget Spin by Mike Arnoult
Brand New by Hawksilver
To the Races by Fantoms
Horizon Line by Luna Wave
60s Blues Rock Kinda Thing by Aaron Tosti
The Future is Retro by New Wave Sounds
Lettuce Celebrate by New wave Sounds
Gain by OBOY
Come Over by Finn's Fandango