3 months ago

Oil Smoke & Mirrors - (FULL ORIGINAL UNEDITED, 2010)

Frank Ho
Through a series of impressively candid, informed and articulate interviews, this film argues that the bizzare events surrounding the 9/11 attacks, and the equally bizarre prosecution of the so-called "war on terror", can be more credibly understood in the wider context of an imminent and critical divergence between available global oil supply and and global oil demand.

Added comment (2023): Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors is still an interesting documentary, considering the interviews on 9/11 with prominent figures. The hypothesis regarding Peak Oil seems no longer relevant. The Peak Oil argument is not even employed by the current establishment as a perfect justification for the far-reaching Green Deal and the green agenda, which is detrimental to both nature and the economy, as well as the balance within the geopolitical community.