Flight 93 crash most likely positioned on existing 'scar' in the ground

  • 6 years ago
Published on Youtube on May 7, 2012, by truthinvideos

Quoted text is taken over from the source

"You will notice on the 1994 GS map several ditches in the area where 93 allegedly crashed. According to at least one debunker I have pointed out the wrong ditch as the epicenter of the crash. This debunker points out a different ditch from the photos of the actual crash site taken on 9/11. He says his choice is the correct ditch. The only problem with his attempt to debunk my claim of the wings scars being present pre-9/11 is his ditch also appears in the 1994 GS map. THINK!"


IMPORTANT to realise is that the exact location of the 'scars' can not be precisely indicated by using the known indicators. But in the complete picture it is important to note that the crash area already had the characteristic markings as allegedly caused by Flight 93 BEFORE the alleged impact of Flight 93.