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Toe Wiggle Test

7 years ago|180 views
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Morton’s Neuroma – Self Help Tips, Treatment and Prevention From The Barefoot Running Doctor at Team Doctors

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The Morton’s pain and foot symptoms are different from a foot stress fracture symptoms in that it feels like there is a ball or stone in the bones of the foot. Patients feel as if they have a bruise causing pain and swelling under the third or fourth toe or line a stone impact bruise where the bottom of the foot hurts between the second metatarsal bone and third metatarsal bone but primarily between the third toe and fourth toe and knuckle joints of the toes.
What else could this pain be?
With such a limited physical examination, doctors are unable to rule out other conditions that may be causing the pain. This might be a stress fracture of the neck of the metatarsal, a neoplasm or cancer, Freiburg osteochondrosis, ganglion cysts, a true neuroma, a neurofibroma, a schwannoma or a locked and misaligned, metatarsal.
The foot has 33 joints to absorb the impact forces of over 3,500,000 impacts or steps from walking or running per year. If one or two toes are locked other toes may have to move excessively to take up the impact forces. It is important for doctors to check for these abnormal movement patterns of the toes to see if this is the cause of a Morton’s neuroma.
In my office I find most patients have a locked and misaligned metatarsal, which is part of a more complex locking of many bones of the foot. Read on…
Because most doctors do not check for joint play or abnormal movement patterns in the 33 joints of the foot a lot of them miss this. Also because doctors are not taught how to manipulate the foot they wouldn’t think to look for it.
You check for locked or excessively moving bones in the foot with the foot wiggle test. It wasn’t invented by one of the Wiggles but I have checked the Wiggles with this test.