11 years ago

Lee Escobar On CTN Home Keepers The Whole Story

Lee Escobar
http://RichSoldier.com - Lee Escobar


Lee Escobar is on a mission to teach everyone how to win the the battle for financial freedom. Those who have chosen to become financially secure are soldiers in this battle and now its time arm yourself by applying The Wealth Ethics. It's time to become Rich Soldier.

Home Keepers interviews Lee Escobar about the challenges of soldiers transitioning back to civilian life and how he is helping them to go from Soldier to Civilian then to Rich Soldier

Lee Escobar is the author of Rich Soldier, which is a straight forward, unapologetic approach toward gaining financial wealth for everyone -- military and civilian alike. Lee is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business owner and real estate investor who now teaches others how to become financially independent by teaching his unique set of foundational and wealth-building principles called The Wealth Ethics.

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