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    Action Man v1.2 - Not a PLOT to piss in - 10 Year Anniversary


    by TotemToons

    10 years ago I drew the action man cartoon as a one-off project, and I never intended to create any sequels. 10 years later, I'm completely out of ideas and am now forced to squeeze every bit of life out of my old material. Such is the life of a shameless hack.

    Please enjoy this reboot of the Action Man cartoon that started it all.

    No Plot, No Dialogue...Just ACTION MAN (v1.2)...Not a PLOT to piss in.

    Many thanks to YT user rlkahwe4kl for composing the music. We've been trying to collaborate together for the better part of a year, and we finally made it happen. He is a talented and entertaining musician. He is criminally undersubscribed to, so I recommend you immediately go to his channel and subscribe. You will not be disappointed. Please check out his channel at:

    Or check out his website at:

    Thanks again Drake!

    Totem Nation Films