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    Salvation Squad Webisode 2: Just a Spoonful of Socialized Medicine


    by TotemToons

    The 2nd episode of Salvation Squad finally arrives. And just in time for Rise Of The Guardians to steal my idea. Shame on you Dreamworks. Post-it note cartoons FTW!

    A few notes....

    Firstly I want to thank DrakeArnold for his excellent music once again. Please check out his channel and subscribe. Next I want to thank Kromulon for his voice talents. You ARE Jesus sir.

    Next...I finally got around to making the Salvation Squad Intro. This is something I intended to do 2 years ago when I drew part one, but I got lazy I guess. Again, thanks to Drake and Kromulon for their help. I couldn't have done it without you guys.

    Thanks and enjoy the video!