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    Salvation Squad Webisode 1: Agnosticism Ad Nauseum


    by TotemToons

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    The first webisode of the Salvation Squad has finally arrived! In this introductory episode, the Salvation Squad will come face to face with one of their oldest enemies: the dreaded agnostic.

    The Salvation Squad is a deadly and professional merecenary group composed of three of the world's greatest religious figures: Justice Jesus, Chainsaw Claus, and Easter Bomber.

    Justice Jesus is the leader of the group, and is an expert with firearms. Chainsaw Claus is 2nd in command and specializes in hand to hand combat. He is particularly adept with his handy chainsaw. The final member of the group is Easter Bomber. This bunny is the squad's demolitions and pyrotechnic expert. If it can burn or explode, the bunny will do both just for the hell of it.

    These three iconic warriors combine their skills together to form the most feared and deadly force ever known to exist. They are committed to ridding the world of secular tyranny and taking us all back to simpler times.

    They are the SALVATION SQUAD!

    Thank you to Ryan Wiley and Matt Sanders for generously providing the music. Great job guys!
    Totem Nation Films