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How to Power Down Your Electricity Bills | Smarter Homes

George Clarke explains how to power down your electricity bills.
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Energy consumption from lighting and appliances has doubled in the last 40 years (Source: DECC – correct as of Feb 2012), so it’s important we all do our bit to save energy. Saving energy means saving money!

Buying a wireless electricity monitor will give you a decent reading of how much energy is being consumed in the house. You can then really see how much you are saving when actively reducing your consumption.

It is also worth investing in energy saving light bulbs whenever possible, as lighting accounts for a significant percentage of our energy consumption. Replacing standard and halogen bulbs with energy-savers could now save around £55 a year. (Source: EST – correct as of Feb 2012) LED light bulbs can last up to 25 years, and the technology is constantly improving!

The biggest cause for the rise in electricity consumption is the amount of technology that now exists in the modern homes. Therefore, just by turning off your appliances at the plug could save on average £35 a year. (Source: EST – correct as of Feb 2012)

Switching to energy saving light bulbs, and ensuring unused appliances are turned off at the plug are two simple but effective ways of powering down your electricity bills!
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