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How to Keep a Lid on Heat Loss | Smarter Homes

George Clarke explains how to keep a lid on heat loss.
More information available @ http://www.diy.com/eco

The loft is an area of the house we rarely think about, but if left
uninsulated, can be a make a massive contribution to your energy
bills. A poorly insulated house loses about a 1/3 of its heat through
the room. (Source: EST - correct as of Feb 2012)

The average UK home could save around £280 every year by being more
energy efficient (Source: EST - correct as of Feb 2012). Many people
don't insulate their lofts because they believe it is difficult and
expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Insulate your
loft is the most cost-effect energy saving task you could do in the
home. Not only will you be saving lots of money, but you will be
helping create a warm comfortable home for the winter months.

There are many materials you can use to insulate your loft. There is
glass fibre, which is made from recycled glass bottles all the way
through to all-natural sheep's wool. You can also buy insulation
boards, which will still give you the ability to store items in the

It is important to ensure any loft hatch or door is well insulated and
draft-proof, to prevent any heat within the house, escaping to the
roof space.

Another area of the house worth considering in regards to potential
heat loss, is the hot water tank which needs to be insulated properly.
This can be accomplished with a hot water cylinder jacket, which can
cost under £6. A cylinder jacket can cut heat-loss by up to 75%, and
save you around £35 a year. (Source: EST - correct as of Feb 2012)

Thing smart. Think warm. Save Energy. Save Money.

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