12 years ago

Show Your Love: A Valentine's Day Short

Kien Lam
Love is universal. It is blind. It transcends language. How will you show your love on Valentine's Day?

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This is a personal project of mine made for Valentine's Day to celebrate love wherever you are in the world regardless of whether you are 8 or 84. During my travels, I found that while the customs and mediums may have been different, the essence of love was similar no matter the country. I wanted to capture that in this video.

ATTENTION: If there's a beautiful saying in your language that you'd like to share, please post it on my facebook page at http://facebook.com/kienlamphotography. Please provide the phrase and a translation to English. I will be posting my favorites on my website http://kienlam.net as they appear. I know there are so many beautiful things that are written and spoken in other languages and I'd love to be able to share that with everyone.

Following my Speeding Around The World in Under 5 minutes video (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xo2ph1_speeding-around-the-world-in-under-5-minutes_travel), I wanted to give something back to all the friends I've met traveling and to everyone who has reached out to me from all around the world. I asked my brother, William Lam, to write me another song that would help give life to the video.

Music: Fresh & Easy by Metaphysika Sounds. The song will be available for purchase soon on iTunes.

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