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Sunblind Believe (Monument)

Sunblind is known for being a charismatic mixture of Pop and Trance, melodic
lines, well-regulated by progressiv electronic beats. The soulful vocals, mainly by
female guest singers, as well as trendy remixes of top producers qualify the
songs for the set of intelligent Club DJs.

The act was founded some years ago as a project of a well-experienced team of three producers based in Bochum in cooperation with DJ Francis Drake Jr. who has his roots in Trance as well. The first release in this time, the Trance ballad “Believe” with vocals by guest singer April McCoy from the Netherlands, was a great success for the team. “Believe” and the remixes of well-known electro artists like Voltaxx and Nu NRG were released in Italy, UK, Australia and Germany. They still can be found on many playlist all over the world.

Some years later the producers met once again to add further chapters to the track record. Marco Wolters and Christian Schnettelker produced the song “For A Second” as the next single featuring the voice of Swedish singer Agneta Walden. "For A Second", again with an additional Voltaxx remix, was released in Germany in the beginning of 2009.

This monument video features an unreleased version of Believe produced back in 2003. The CGI video was created in 2009 for the label Creme Royale and re-rendered to HD with additional effects in April / May 2011.