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vor 13 Jahren

eto - bicurios


Be bi-curious. The message is clear. The lyrics are about sexual open mindedness, free love and liberation from oldfashioned morals.

This song is an hommage to New Order and Duran Duran. Once more eto proves his love for the great sound of the 80s. Bicurious is the second single release of his album plastic poetry and contains a colourful package of house and danceable electro-pop mixes.

Melancholy on electronic beats - 80's synthie-pop meets the tricky present. In spite of the plastic programmings and clubby attitude, eto regards himself as a classic songwriter. He creates high resolution songs about love, life, identity and insanity. All mixed up with a portion of electro, downbeat or minimal.

Modern electro is all about coolness, image and lifestyle. But what about the introverted side of this innovative genre? There's more to this kind of music than being loud and fashionable. So, take off the sunglasses and be yourself...