vor 13 Jahren

eto - Bulldozer (taken from the album "Plastic Poetry")


Plastic Poetry is a classic new romantic album par excellence. Eto combines his big retro sound with modern elements of the modern club and electro scene. He concentrates on finding simple melodies und sings about friendschip, love, sex and insanity.

It took two years to finish the album, but now it´s done. In 14 songs eto gives us an impression of his world. In addition to his single release Hideaway the album also includes the mySpace classics Bicurious and Love Crystals. With Bulldozer and Nobody Knows eto show us his sensitive side.

01. Hideaway
02. Bicurious
03. Falling
04. Bulldozer
05. Another Night
06. Skip The Track Back
07. Love Crystals
08. Visual
09. Siamese Twins
10. Alien Lover
11. Taste The Difference
12. nobody knows
13. Dumb Symphony
14. Outro