Crime Simulator | Official Reveal Trailer | 2024

  • 11 days ago
Crime Simulator revealed. Get your crowbars ready! Robberies, assaults and gangster hijinks - that's just part of what Crime Simulator, the new game from the makers of the bestselling Thief Simulator 2, has to offer. Crime Simulator will allow both to make a criminal career alone, as well as joint actions in co-op mode (up to 4 criminals). The PC release of the game can be expected in 2024/2025, with PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo console versions also planned. A free prologue of the game is available now on PC.

The Polish studio CookieDev, best known for the bestselling Thief Simulator 2, is working on Crime Simulator. Ultimate Games S.A. will be the publisher of the game on PC and consoles.

Crime Simulator is a unique simulator of criminal underworld activities with a first-person perspective (FPS) view. The game offers single-player and online co-op modes for up to 4 people at a time. The gameplay broadly depicts criminal life, also relying on elements known from other game genres.

A criminal career includes in Crime Simulator not only carrying out bandit jobs (such as theft and debt recovery) and fighting, but also, among other things, collecting raw materials, developing characters, upgrading equipment or gaining the right reputation among the factions present in the game.

As of May 10th 2024, a free demo of the game is now available on Steam. In Crime Simulator: Prologue, players will find one smaller settlement with a construction zone and an abandoned farm that serves as a hideout for gangsters. The full version of the game will feature three larger settlements, desert areas on the outskirts of Mexico, national park areas in Canada and several additional locations, among others. The CookieDev team is also working on a whole lot of additional content.

In Crime Simulator, many tools await players to use in criminal actions. The developers offer, among others, baseball bats, crowbars, rods, wrenches, knuckles, knives, telescopic batons, pistols and various types of bombs and grenades. Specialized traps and turrets will also be available for use.

The game is tentatively scheduled for release on PC (Steam) in 2024/2025. Crime Simulator will later also hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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