Tram Simulator Urban Transit Console Release Trailer HD
  • 16 days ago
Following the initial release of the game on Steam in December 2023, players now also get the opportunity to build their own public transport company within the fictional US metropolis of Angel Shores on PlayStation, Xbox and other PC platforms. In addition to the PC version on Steam, Tram Simulator Urban Transit is now also available for download with dedicated versions for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store, for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on the Xbox Store, as well as for PC on the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store!

Tram Simulator Urban Transit gives streetcar fans the opportunity to build up their own local transport company, to manage the route network of the entire city and to prove their skills as a tram driver. When starting a new company, players get several game modes to choose from: While the Story Mode leads players to success as part of a campaign comprising more than 10 exciting missions, the Career Mode offers the opportunity to develop their company completely freely while keeping an eye on their finances. In Sandbox Mode players can expect gaming fun without limits - thanks to unlimited financial resources, they can expand their company completely freely and as they wish. Meanwhile, newcomers can also look forward to a dedicated Driving School that familiarizes them step by step with the interactive cockpits and the controls of the trams.

Owners of astragon’s Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Season Pass or the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Official Tram Extension automatically receive free access to Tram Simulator Urban Transit. Conversely, buyers of Tram Simulator Urban Transit receive free access to Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop - Official Tram Extension (main game required to play)!

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