Inside Joshua Weissman's Minimalist Texas Home

  • 3 months ago
Today, AD is welcomed by chef and YouTuber Joshua Weissman to tour his minimalist home in Austin, Texas. It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with nearly 9 million subscribers following his gastronomical YouTube content, Weissman’s kitchen doesn’t disappoint. The YouTube star’s knives (his prized possessions) are proudly displayed along magnetized blocks, and Italian Carrara countertops add a luxurious feel. But more important than style is the function of his space. Though maybe not the most beautiful of stoves, Weissman cannot beat the performance of his Wolf. And then there’s Weissman’s cabinets, organized to perfection to save time and thought when he could be cooking up a storm. “The number one thing that’s important about a really great kitchen is not its size or how nice it is; it is about how you organize yourself and how you operate in that kitchen, so that you can actually enjoy the process of cooking,” he says. “Instead of having to think so much, I can think with my eyes.”See more of Joshua Weissman's Austin home hereARTWORK"Skull Abstraction III,"Handmade in Ojai, CA | Nicholas Ali | Duo Luto