Taxi Life A City Driving Simulator Launch Trailer (2024)
  • 23 days ago
Step into the shoes of a Barcelona taxi driver for a day. Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator is out on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). The launch trailer gives you the chance to check out the game’s various features as you spend a day in the shoes of a Barcelona taxi driver who also runs his own business.

06:26am: My work day starts with the first fare! It’s still early, just after sunrise, but already fairly warm. My customer asks me to open the window. I grant her request, and a light breeze blows in and cools the interior. It’s set to be a fine day!

09:02am: After taking a coffee break at the Barceloneta market, I stop at a gas station, taking the opportunity to fill up the car: best to be good and ready before the next fare!

11:43am: I had a long chat with one of my passengers, a tourist, who was asking for recommendations for iconic locations to photograph. I advised her to check out the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, a magnificent Gothic church situated in the La Ribera district. She must have been really pleased, because she gave me a very positive rating and left a generous tip!

1:32pm: I just had a minor accident on the road… I braked too suddenly at a red light, and a car ran into the back of mine. I swiftly stop by the garage for a quick repair. To help get myself over the mishap, I take the opportunity to customise my vehicle, by changing the wheels, the bodywork colour and adding the odd interior accessory.

3:17pm: I’ve got a meeting with one of my drivers, Claudia. She’s been working for my taxi company for a few months, and today I decided to assign her to the El Raval area, a very touristy part of Barcelona. I’ve noticed that she always takes great care of her vehicle, and I think I can trust her with a fancier car, which will definitely catch the eye of the customers there.

5:19pm: As usual, I set aside some time to cruise around the city with no particular destination in mind. No matter how long I’ve lived here, I’m always discovering hidden points of interest! Getting to know Barcelona like the back of my hand provides precious experience, enabling me to acquire new skills, which makes me a better driver, but also a better manager.

6:34pm: I round off the day with a beautiful drive along the seaside road, enjoying the rows of palm trees and a magnificent sunset. I hope to see you soon in Barcelona!

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