El Marido Llora Cuando Una Taza Caliente Revela Una Foto De Su Difunta Madre

  • hace 10 meses
A beloved son fought back tears when he was surprised with a heat-activated mug that revealed a photograph of his late mother who he last saw aged 15 and wasn't able to give a final hug to. 30-year-old Juan, from Corpus Christi, Texas, came to the United States from Guatemala when he was 15 years old, hoping to provide a better life for his family. Having met his wife, Esmeralda, 33, and married, Juan promised his mom, Juana, that he would be able to return home soon to give her a hug. But after hiring a lawyer and starting the immigration proceedings, Juan discovered that his mom was sick. The immigration proceedings meant that Juan could not leave the U.S. unitl his case processed, and after Juana's condition worsened in January of 2021, she passed away later that month. Juan was heartbroken, said Esmeralda, who couldn't imagine what it must have been like for her husband, leaving his mom aged 15 and not being able to give her a goodbye almost a decade and a half later. One of the memories Juan often spoke about was how he and his mom would drink coffee together, and so Esmeralda decided to get her husband a special gift to remember her by. She purchased a heat-activate mug online, which, when hot water was added, would reveal an image on the side of the mug. Esmeralda opted for a photo of Juana, presenting the mug to her husband on August 11 in their home. Juan initially looked at the blank drinking vessel, but when Esmeralda added hot water the photo became visible. As soon as Juan saw the image looking back at him, he began to fight back tears.