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Full documentary ... now in HD and extended. An Egyptian scholar recently decoded the Egyptian hieroglyph utterance for the word “Orion’s Belt” which set off a snowball effect leading me to decode five added new breakthroughs, and the sixth made by Marton Molner Gob.

Here are the 6 new breakthroughs;

1) The symbol of three flag pole markers for Orion’s Belt on the Sumerian stone pictographically match one of the symbols used within the Egyptian name for Orion’s Belt!

2) The Complete Egyptian set of symbols for Orion’s Belt encode pictographically a hidden message on our alien human origins!

3) Another Egyptian artifact verifies the identical symbol to the Sumerian version.

4) The spoken Egyptian Orion’s Belt utterance with one more added symbol defining what type of star the ‘star of the gods’ is, decodes the name of the land for the place of the monumental three pyramid landmark!

5) The three sun stars unique symbols and cosmic serpent conduit and 2 capped star gates message are the same for the Inca, Maya, and an illuminated manuscript, while a secret depiction of The Christ with the same three sun symbols and a serpent and Orion’s Belt all show the same thing.

6) Marton Molner Gob cracked five matching Kings utterances of the Heb Sed festival where it also proves my capped two star gates theory with only one sun star system active out of the three. It was a situation for virtually all of the megalithic civilisations!

To add to my 2010 theoretical Genesis stone decoded cosmic ancestor star map, and star gate decoding the Sumerian stela of humanity arriving here on earth, some scholars following my theory liked most of my controversial interpretation including the star ancestor view of our solar system… all except one apparently weak detail.

The Orion’s Belt correlation portion seemed a bit of stretch… until now.

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