Plenty of Sunshine - Vincent Lopez Orchestra (1927)

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Vincent Lopez And His Casa Lopez Orchestra

"Plenty Of Sunshine"

Brunswick 3737


Song by Buddy De Sylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson

Two little rubes came to the city
Oh, what a thrill they had
One little rube was glad
One little rube was sad

That little rube just left the city
Left his little pard
Here's the note that he wrote
Upon a postal card

I'm hobnobbin' with my horse Dobbin
I left my job in the city
I'm sittin' pretty with plenty of sunshine

Wash my face in the old tin basin
And start in racin' with Rover
We bubble over with plenty of sunshine

Read my paper 'neath an apple tree
No skyscrapers keep the sun from me

The house is roomy, the garden's bloomy
There's no place gloomy to mope in
I'm in the open with plenty of sunshine

While you're in the traffic jam
Picture me, say, here I am
Sittin' with my fishing pole
Let the sunshine in my soul

While you gaze at four bare walls
If you see my overalls
Hangin' on a hickory limb
'Cause the brook's there, take a swim

Plenty of fun, plenty of air
Plenty of sun, plenty to spare
Brother, if you're not in pain
You'll be on that morning train