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4 months ago

Living In A 19th Century French Chateau

Lords and ladies, I give you: Chateau de Bourneau. Please leave your sunshade at the door.

Erin Choa and Jean-Baptiste Gois, like many 30-somethings, were ready to purchase their own property. When faced with the egregious cost of buying a flat in London, they decided to expand their options. As it turns out, buying a French countryside chateau is a “bargain.” The couple purchased this gorgeous and deeply historic building and got to work. With the goal of living in the space as well as renting out private rooms to guests, they are living a renaissance-core dream.

This lovely estate is packed to the brim with medieval history. It was built by early feminist Jaquette de la Ramée in the 1400s, and unfortunately fell into ruin during the French Revolution. Though Choa and Gois have done loads of renovations and upcycling, the manor still holds many of its original pieces. They have successfully toed the line of holding its original charm and updating what is necessary. Their work is never quite complete. But, in the meantime, they get to live in an actual fairy tale.

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