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10 months ago

Identify Walnut Trees

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How to Identify Walnut Trees

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The HILARIOUS Case Of Identify Walnut Trees,

If you live in the central eastern part of the United States you have probably seen walnut trees in parks or low lying areas between rivers creeks and dense woods. The most common types of walnut trees in America are the black walnut butternut or white walnut and English walnut. While they may look very similar you can distinguish between them by looking for slight differences between the bark and leaves. Tasting the walnuts is also a fun and delicious way to figure out what kind of tree youre looking at. Search for round or oblong green casings growing on thin branches. Walnuts do not grow in brown husks like we are used to seeing in stores. The brown husk is actually inside a larger muted lime colored casing about the size of a small tennis ball. Youll typically see 2 or 3 green rounds growing near where the leaf bearing twigs shoot off from thinner branches.

Distinguish between smooth light bark or dark ridged bark. The deep gray bark of black walnut and English walnut trees has rounded ridges and deep crevices running vertically up and down the trunk. The bark of butternut trees is light gray and relatively smooth to the touch.

Check the area around the tree for dying or yellowing plants. Black walnuts are allelopathic which means they release chemicals into the ground that can poison plants up to 50 or 60away. If the tree is standing along without any neighboring trees or brush theres a good chance its a walnut tree.

Look for evidence of shell casings under the tree. Hungry squirrels woodpeckers and foxes love to visit these trees for a good meal and will often scatter shells and casings around the trunk. You may also notice small mounds of freshly piled dirt where gray squirrels may havethe nuts.

Taste a walnut from the tree to see if it is mild buttery or earthy. English walnuts are known for their mild pleasant flavor while black walnuts boast a strong earthy taste. Walnuts from the butternut tree taste just like they sound buttery

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