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Automatic canning line, canning machine for juice, carbonated drinks, energy drink

Automatic canning line for juice, energy drink and carbonated drinks
Technical database:
1, Rated capacity: 150-500ml 12000-18000CPH
2, Filling material: Carbonated drink, juice drink and energy drink
3, Filling container type: ALU CAN, Max diameter 99mm.
Max height 112mm
4, Cap: easy open can cap.
5, Filling temperature: 65~90℃ filling for juice and energy drink; 3℃ for carbonated drink
6, conveyor mode:
Empty can: conveyor
Full can: Conveyor belt
7, Resource Power: 380V, 50Hz, three phase(Special voltage and Hz, please tell us before our factory produce all equipment)
8, Efficiency: ≥90%

For more details, plz contact: Fredy Guo
Mobile/WeChat/Whatsapp: +8613795468802
Skype: cnfillpack;
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