Brian May - Star Fleet Project (Remastered V2.0)

  • 5 years ago
A second attempt at remastering this music video; the first of which was from 2013.. This attempt was to render in better quality and better sound (mpg instead of mp4 / native 25fps instead of 29). Footage from the "Star Fleet" episodes are re-edited from the remastered French DVD "Bomber-X". The footage quality on the music video is surprisingly worst than that on the official English release.

The sound is much improved without echo. How I achieved this was carefully syncing the LP music with the Video sound and running it through audacity's vocal removal tool, then inverting the result to give the mono music video a stereo effect without losing the SFX.

Please excuse the frame blending, wasn't exactly avoidable because of the way the music video was originally edited (in other words, it kept the 23.97fps footage at its original speed with frame blending instead of speeding it to 25fps). It was either that or spend $16,000 on industry motion-compensation software.

The ending scenes with the title scroll always is a pain in the ass. It looks better this time, but not by a whole lot. I had to use luma keying again, i've tried and it's not feasible to replicate it perfectly (at least with my tools).

Scenes came off these episodes:
Episode 1: Scramble X-Bomber (most likely off the Intro)
Episode 4: Wipe Out the Transport Fleet
Episode 6: X-Bomber Goes Forth (most likely off the Intro)
Episode 9: Target: The Captain (Flashback episode, clearly used because of the transition effect in a scene from Episode 4. Don't know why they used that when they had the actual episode used as well. Scene from Episode 3 used off here too)
Episode 11: Farewell: The Eternal Battlefield (Main plot of Music Video)
Episode 19: F-01 Assassination Plot (Likely off the End Credits