How To Make a Transformation Voice in Audacity (Jekyll Into Hyde)

  • 2 years ago
I've been doing a LOT of sound effects for my more recent videos (particularly the Two-Sentence Horror Stories, Warhammer 40K Edition), but this is the one effect I had to dope out for myself. If you've been wondering how to transform a character's voice a la the infamous Jekyll and Hyde switch, then this is one way to do it!

Also, since the video didn't capture the menus, I wanted to list the steps in the video for folks who are having trouble following my audio.

1. Select base track
2. Click Edit
3. Click 'Duplicate' to make a duplicate of your base track
4. Select the second track
5. Add audio effects (for this track it has Bass set at 10, and a Pitch set to -20)
6. Select the top track
7. Add the 'Fade Out' effect
8. Select the second track
9. Add the 'Fade In' effect
10. Revel in your creation!

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