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2019 MAR 30 Judge Jeanine Pirro; Mueller, DoJ & FBI; No. 44th; FISA Fraud; Unmasking; Leaking V02

Remarks: 2019 MAR 30 Judge Jeanine Pirro About Mueller Report; Corrupt DoJ FBI; No. 44th; F.I.S.A. fraud; Unmasking; Leaking.

RUDI GIULIANI: Who’re the brains behind the attempted coup. Why has none of these crooks facing a judge and placed into jail?

DAN BONGINO: ‘Collusion Delusion is Over’, and “Pencil-Neck” Schiff clear case of a “Nut Case”. This guy needs to leave Congress. Pure Liars “Brennan & Clapper” yes foreign collusion “the Clinton campaign.

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: DEMS investigate Madness is going to be their undoing keep it up Trumps going to win 2020. Mainstream Media is paying and going to pay dearly for their complicity to the attempted coup. Pete Buttigies (Mayor) (D) South Bend, IN, USA. We need to stop the Trump derangement.

POLITICAL PANEL: Trump I will close the with Mexico if they do not stop the Caravans by next week (01 – April 07 April 2019).

JUSSIE SMOLLETT: and the gross case of injustice by his dropping the 16 Count Indictment; by Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx

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