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Exclusive: Dancers Turn Up the Heat With a Steamy Routine to Skylar Stecker's "Obvious"

We didn't think it was humanly possible for Skylar Stecker's "Obvious" to get any hotter than it already is, but a group of insanely talented dancers and choreographers have managed to do just that.
In this exclusive video, director and choreographer Eden Shabtai brings her vision for the song to life with the help of co-choreographer Johnny Erasme. On a stage surrounded by flashing lights, dancers Taylor Thomas, Cache Melvin, Stevie Dore, Deanna Jenkins, Gordon Watkins, Jacob Dimenstein, and Ramone Wilkinson pull off some seriously cool (and steamy) moves as Stecker sings lyrics like "You know I don't mean to play hard to get / It's got me crazy you're all in my head."
Stecker's album Redemption dropped in March, and she remains the youngest artist to have a No. 1 song on the Billboard dance chart (an incredibly catchy remake of "Sweet Dreams" featuring JX Riders, FYI). Stecker, who recently opened for Camila Cabello, seems to be just as big of a fan of the dance routine as we are.
"'Obvious' has a flirty vibe, so it was fun to see that chemistry of the song in dance," she said. "The dancers absolutely killed it! They really took the energy of the song and translated it through dance in such a cool way."
Check it out above!
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