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il y a 11 ans|1.1K vues
The specialist team of Rough Tours is inviting you to an exotic world full of adventure and fun. We belong to an originally Berber family of which the AIT ATTA ethnic group formed an important ethnic community in the southern regions of Morocco. The family lives in a small brown mud house village in the south eastern area. Our life style has been both nomadic (moving from one place to another seeking green pastures for our cattle) and settled in our tajine mountain village 'Ramlia' practicing agriculture and experiencing opportunities of the new world, the world of education and schooling.
Nowadays, Rough Tours consists of well educated brothers from the University. Besides the local spoken languages Tamazight (Berber) and Arabic, our study was based on English, French and Spanish languages. Our research papers upon which we got our BA degrees were about tourism in both Merzouga and Ramlia.
To consolidate our experience in the travel industry, we have two tours of exploration and discovery to Africa (Mauritania and Senegal) and to Asia (Thailand and Laos).

Being interested in the tourism sector and thanks to our previous experience as tour operators, we have the pride to present the high services of Moroccan travelling.

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