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4 years ago


Golden Era Dancers
A clip of golden era Lebanese Bellydancer Gawaher from the 1954 Egyptian film Tahia El Regala. In this scene Shokoko is singing about the disadvantages of marrying an old man for his money and they simulate the wedding of a young girl and an old man. Then he sings about how in a month she'll be a widow and they show the old man dead in a chair wearing his death shroud with the mourners all around him. Then he sings about how much better it is for a young woman to marry a man closer to her own age, and they show a young couple who are about the same age. After the show is over the three characters (played by Karem Mahmoud, Shokoko and Gawaher) congratulate each other on a good show, and they are joined by their father in law played by well known Egyptian comedy actor Abdel Fatah El Kosary.