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2 years ago|44 views

The Simpsons Arcade Game: Four Player Run 2 (Part 8 Of 8)

Creamy Goodness Films
This is my second recorded run of The Simpsons Arcade Game, using the MAME emulator. As in the case of the first run, I play as Lisa. This time however, my two nephews Dayton and Austin switch characters as they play as Marge and Homer respectively, and my cousin Nick replaces my nephew Brandon in playing Bart.


Intro song...
Green Day - The Simpsons Theme


The rules...

- 1 credit = 2 lives
- All players start with 5 credits
- A player gains one credit every 50 kills
- All remaining players gain one credit when a boss battle is won
- A player is eliminated from the run once all lives are lost
- If all players are eliminated, the run is lost



Dayton - Marge
Austin - Homer
Nick - Bart
Creamy Goodness - Lisa



Official site...

Hosted copy...


The Simpsons Arcade Game (4 players)

Hosted copy...
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