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Tutorial - AE2 - EP01 - A Beginners Guide to Applied Energistics 2

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In our first installment of AE2 Tutorialwell bring you through the basics of getting started in this completely revamped mod. If youre just getting started in AE2, or are not quite sure if its worth the hassle, then site back and enjoy this tutorial brought to you by TheMindCrafters. Use the QUICK JUMP section (below) to jump around the video to the stuff you need.\r
World Gen - 0:44\r
Wrenches - 1:54\r
Grindstone - 2:11\r
Fluix Crystals - 2:51\r
Charger - 3:15\r
Growing Pure Crystals - 4:07\r
Crystal Growth Accelerator - 6:00\r
Energy Acceptor - 5:16\r
Vibration Chamber - 5:36\r
Energy Cell - 5:47\r
(Inverted) Toggle Bus - 6:40\r
Meteor Compass - 7:00\r
Skystone Chest - 7:45\r
Processors & Inscriber - 8:05\r
Storage Cells - 9:08\r
Mega-Basic Storage Network - 9:59\r
Storage Drive - 10:17\r
Have any questions? Something still unclear? Leave a comment below and maybe we can sneak it in to the next !\r
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AE2 - EP04 - P2P Tunnels and Advanced Networking - NOT YET RELEASED\r
[About this Tutorial]\r
Release Date..: new-MAR-27\r
Modpack ....: FTB Direwolf20\r
Texturepack .: Default\r
[[About TMC]\r
website - \r
24/7 web chat (IRC) - \r
twitter - \r
facebook -

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Tutorial - AE2 - EP01 - A Beginners Guide to Applied Energistics 2
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