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Mario Kart Wii - The Shine Cup (Sunday)

11 месяцев назад5 views



This is Sundays races in the Shine Cup, which is themed on long walks on the beach. I think. All of the courses are themed on the seaside, and only the slowest kart and the slowest bike in each weight class is allowed. This time, I went even further off the deep end and chose the Booster Seat on Automatic.\r
This time, knowing the races would be so close, I purposely put myself towards the back, then hoped the last Item Box cluster would give me something to rocket ahead. Did it work? Well, the video will tell you that.\r
Race #1\r
GCN Peach Beach\r
Well, that was quite an ending for a race--I got a Bullet Bill at the very end, and in the last few moments before crossing the finish line, a Lightning Bolt happened, which brought me to 3rd place overall. The first 90% of the race isnt that eventful though.\r
Delfino Square\r
The Lightning Blt struck and took away my Star before I could take the shortcut. I got loaded up with a lot of Mushrooms in this race, especially in the second half, and it seems I used them mostly to catch myself back up after getting hit with Red Shells.\r
Race #3\r
GBA Shy Guy Beach\r
No Golden Mushrooms around the end of a lap this time. Theyre saved for the third quarter. Which ually isnt as helpful, but it did manage to keep my position stable. A kart with a very low speed like the Booster Seat wouldnt stand a chance on Shy Guy Beach otherwise.\r
Race #4\r
Daisy Circuit\r
In approaching the set of item Boxes in the third lap where the big circles on the map are, I slowed myself down to get a better item than if I had just plowed full speed ahead. Another thing about Daisy Circuit to be wary of is that the last set of Item Boxes is still quite some distance away from the finish line. If youre in a high position and you have to be ready for item attacks, you need to hold onto whatever item you get from it (provided they didnt all get taken when you reach there). I cant say I took advantage of it though.

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Mario Kart Wii - The Shine Cup (Sunday)
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