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Carx Highway Racing Android Gameplay 2017 HD

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Carx Highway Racing Android Gameplay 2017 HD\r
Full Physics based gameplay with smart AI Cars in busy traffic hours roads. It has great graphics and gameplay is super smooth. Controls are simple left right buttons and a nitro to give your carx cars some boosts temporarily. Its about highway racing on busy traffic roads if you get close to any incoming cars you will get bonus money for it. All the cars are beautifully crafted and has most of all details on it. they costs prices which can be earned through races. Most positive points of it is that you can play this Racing game offline.There is police chase as well so beware. Take on various missions to earn money. you can easily farm for money and its super easy as well.\r
Features Of Carx Highway Racing:-\r
Beautiful Carx Quality Graphics\r
Realistic looking cars\r
Day and Night Map Cycles\r
Intense Traffic and Police chases\r
Missions and big Rewards to follow\r
Hardcore AI Opponents to take on\r
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Carx Highway Racing Android Gameplay 2017 HD
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