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(2001) Democrat Senator Robert Byrd Drops N-Word on National TV

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The Left likes to say of Democrats and Republicans that the two party's switched, that all the racist switched from the Democrat Party to Republican. But here is a classic example of a Dixiecrat that never left and was a beloved member of the Democrat Party til the day he died.

This man was a member of the KKK and was said to have lynched blacks. Robert Byrd publicly challenged Martin Luther King to return to Memphis amid race riots calling him a "coward", when MLK return he was assassinated by James Earl Ray while checking into his hotel room.

Yet this man was never confronted by the Democrat Party for racism because they continued to enjoy the support of the Dixiecrats to vote for their candidates and policies. Because with the Left it's their ideology that comes 1st, the use of demographics and minorities is just a means to an end.

When the Dixiecrat Party broke up, some returned to the Democrat party and some (like Strom Thurmond) turned their backs on racism and secession and joined the Republican Party. Most Dixiecrats remained loyal to the Democrats because the Republicans had freed the slaves .If their had been a migration of Southern Democrats then Clinton and Carter all would have been Republican.

When the Left accuses Conservatives and Republicans of racism, keep in mind they are not refering to racism but Capitalism. The Left uses the two terms synonymously.

The Left doesn't talk about it but basically they believe Capitalism, Free Market Competition and the Profit Motive creates racism and exploitation of the worker. Therefore anyone defends the economic system of this country is racist for defending Capitalism regardless of who they are personally.

That would mean each and every single Republican or Conservative would be racist just for opposing a Leftist agenda of collapsing this country into Marxism. This is also why Democrats get a pass on racism or racist comments regardless of what they do or say. You can be the biggest racist in American politics but if your on board with the Leftist agenda they will turn the other cheek.

The truth is it's Capitalism, the free market system that most effectively spreads wealth and prosperity, raising the standard of living for everyone.

According to Leftist philosophy the only way to stamp out racism is to eliminate the Profit Motive and have a Soviet style political kommissar class redistribute all wealth and labor with each of us working for only what we need and nothing more. The theory is this would eliminate the need for workers to turn to racism, sexism and bigotry in competition for food and resources.

This would theoretically create a Utopian society but unfortunately this has never worked in reality and it never will. Instead of creating a utopia, Socialism and Communism always end in a complete economic and human disaster.

The profit motive is a gift from God that guarantees we all do not starve to death, remove it and you unleash war and famine and death.

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