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FRENCH WAVES (2/10) • BOB SINCLAR, Love Generation • 2005

il y a 2 ans42.6K views

FRENCH WAVES (2/10) • BOB SINCLAR, Love Generation • 2005

The story behind "Love Generation":

Bob Sinclar recorded the demo for “Love Generation” in his tiny Paris studio using sampled guitar chords, then flew off to New York in search of singers. After three days of disappointing auditions, a reggae artist, Gary Pine, showed up at the studio and improvised for three hours. Delighted by the resulting track, Bob Sinclar played it for David Guetta, who gave him the following warning: “Nine minutes of acoustic guitar with reggae vocals doesn’t sounds like a club hit!”

FRENCH WAVES is the first transmedia experience of electronic music, featuring 50 artists & DJs.

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Director: Julian Starke
Production: Zorba

Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Pine
“Love Generation”
(Gary Pine/C. Le Friant/A. Wisniak/Jg Schreiner/Duane Harden)
Produced by Bob Sinclar
Lead vocal by Gary Nesta Pine
Backing vocal and whistle by Bob Sinclar
Guitar by Tom “Tom” Naïm, keyboards by Cutee B
Additional ideas & drum programming by Jean-Guy Schreiner
Lead Vocal recorded by Dave Darlington @ Basshit Studio, NYC.
Engineered by Cutee B @ Defrey Studio
Published by Mighty Bop Sessions
(P) & (C) 2005 Yellow Productions

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FRENCH WAVES (2/10) • BOB SINCLAR, Love Generation • 2005
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