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FRENCH WAVES (9/10) • VALENTIN STIP, Working Tree • 2015

French Waves
French Waves
il y a 2 ans|18.3K vues
FRENCH WAVES (9/10) • VALENTIN STIP, Working Tree • 2015

The story behind "Working Tree":

A young French-American artist ventured into the woods to record the sounds of breaking branches, then returned to his room to work with the sounds on his computer, transforming the crack of twigs into a distorted, repetitive beat. By changing the frequency and adding a bassline and kick drum, Valentin created a tribal-sounding techno track that he went on to play in clubs and festivals the world over.

FRENCH WAVES is the first transmedia experience of electronic music, featuring 50 artists & DJs.

Director: Julian Starke
Production: Zorba


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Frenchwavese...
Instagram (@french_waves): https://www.instagram.com/french_waves/
Twitter (@french_waves): https://twitter.com/french_waves

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