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FRENCH WAVES (4/10) • MOTORBASS, Visine • 1992

il y a 2 ans8.7K views

FRENCH WAVES (4/10) • MOTORBASS, Visine • 1992

The story behind "Visine":

Philippe Zdar and Etienne de Crécy tell us about attending their first rave at the age of twenty. The event proved to be a full-on revolution that would change their lives forever. Immediately after, they started making house music, which wasn’t very well known in France at the time. The two founded the group Motorboats with one goal in mind—to become DJs.

FRENCH WAVES is the first transmedia experience of electronic music, featuring 50 artists & DJs.

Director: Julian Starke
Production: Zorba


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Instagram (@french_waves): https://www.instagram.com/french_waves/
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FRENCH WAVES (4/10) • MOTORBASS, Visine • 1992
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