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14 years ago|2.4K views

Tarkus (Medley Section)

Calamity James
Here's a 6½ minute clip of keyboardist extraordinaire Gary Calame's E.L.P. tribute band from the late '90s. It's a medley section during a 16-minute version of Tarkus arranged by Gary with The Sheriff and a bunch of U.K. stuff (In the Dead of Night, Thirty Years, Time to Kill) cleverly thrown in. This was their first gig and there was very little prior rehearsal because bass player John Anderson lived 400 miles away; so it's a little rough around the edges. The drummer, Shaun Guerin, also sang lead on every song. It's very rare to see a drummer double up like that. Tragically, Shaun died in 2003. This one's for you, buddy.
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